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Join us and our guests as we imagine how expansive racial justice can be.

Austin Channing Brown | Jenny Booth Potter | Chi Chi Okwu

The Video Web Series Begins October 6.


face-to-face conversations
on the real topics of race and justice

Starting on October 6, The Next Question will bring you real conversations with real leaders, activists, creatives, and thinkers imagining how expansive racial justice can be. The show will air here on the TNQ Watch page as well as on Vimeo and YouTube. Each week, hosts Austin Channing Brown, Chi Chi Okwu, and Jenny Brown Potter will expand our imaginations with the help of these incredible contributors.


Nikole Hannah Jones

Week 1, Sunday, October 6

Join the hosts and MacArthur Genius, New York Times journalist and woman behind the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah Jones. We’ll discuss historic racism in America, particularly how it continues to produce segregation in our education system.


Andre Henry

Week 2, Sunday, October 13
Week 3, Sunday, October 20

As a musician and a writer, Andre has become a leading creative voice for the social justice movement in America. Encouraging us all to remember that “it doesn’t have to e this way,” Andre and the hosts discuss real ways to pursue justice in today’s America.

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Maya Schenwar

Week 4, Sunday, October 27

Maya is a leading activist exploring prison abolition. With incisive brilliance and creative wit, Maya and the hosts dig into the ineffectiveness of retributory justice, opening up our imaginations for a justice system built on restoration instead.


Charlene Carruthers

Week 5, Sunday, November 3

As founder of BYP100 and the author of Unapologetic, Charlene Carruthers has been a transformative voice on the topic of social activism. Our Week 5 discussion gets the heart of non-violent resistance, where passionate activists put their bodies on the line for a better world.

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Brené Brown

Week 6, Sunday, November 10

New York Times bestseller and clinical researcher, Brené Brown, has transformed the world with her research on shame and everyday bravery. She joins the hosts in a transforming conversation about what happens when the psychological importance of vulnerability meets the social reality of racism. This is not to be missed.

Stay tuned for more contributors and news!