Guest Announcement

In the first 100 hours of the kickstarter we raised thousands of dollars. Our excitement could hardly be contained, so we wanted to share- Rachel Cargle has agreed to be one of our guests on the show! Rachel is a writer, scholar and leader. Much of her work currently revolves around unpacking white feminism, a timely conversation. You can find Rachel on IG, FB, Twitter or on her website. She writes for Harpers Bazaar and was recently featured on The Red Table with Jada Pinkett Smith! Stay tuned for more guest announcements!

Behind the Camera

The beautiful space where we filmed the pitch video is Kusanya Cafe in Chicago, IL. Located in the Englewood neighborhood (on the southside), Kusanya is the urban oasis we all dream of. Tiled floors, brick walls, large windows, and a rustic counter. But what I love most is the artwork. The walls boast colorful images of contemporary black girls and idols of our past. The paintings are vibrant and draw your eye all the way up the ceiling, which is also gorgeous, of course. If you live in Chicago or are passing through, don’t forge to stop in and say hello to the staff at Kusanya.

03.18.19 IT BEGINS

Its going down on Monday, March 18th. The Kickstarter will go live, and we will be off and running to raise $50,000 for season one of THE NEXT QUESTION! Where does the money go? Well, our team broke down our needs per episode. For each time we film, we will need to pay for space, a film crew, gear and equipment. We will pay for the travel costs of our guests. And we will make sure everyone involved is well fed during the filming. We will have pre-production costs (which have already begun!), the production costs listed above, and post production. Post production includes all the editing that needs to be done after the camera stops rolling. We’ll incur some administrative costs, marketing costs, and, of course, kickstarter and the government will each take a little cut, too. We will use our resources wisely, but in order to produce a beautiful show, we are going to need your help. So watch out for the kickstarter. And if you would like to donate in-kind gifts, please send us an email using the contact page.

A Better Way

Are you bored by our national conversation on race? Are you tired of hearing about "blackface" or "why white people can't say the n-word" or "blah blah blah black on black crime"? I mean how many more times are we going to ask Coates about hope and why white people like his book? Can we please move on to THE NEXT QUESTION? 

I think we can do better. In fact, I think its imperative that we do better. I think we must insert more nuance, more complexity, more facts, and more imagination into the conversation. Lets move this conversation forward. 

With your support, lets create a new talk show web series, called THE NEXT QUESTION! Lets invite activists and historians and artists and academics to tell us more, to step on our toes, to widen our idea for what's possible! 

Next week, I am going to launch a kickstarter for The Next Question! And i sure hope you will be a part of this project! 

I think this could really be something special for us. For those of us who ask hard questions because we are bored by easy answers... for those of us who read voraciously... for those of us speaking truth to power... 
I think you are special. 

More details to come! xoxoxo