03.18.19 IT BEGINS

Its going down on Monday, March 18th. The Kickstarter will go live, and we will be off and running to raise $50,000 for season one of THE NEXT QUESTION! Where does the money go? Well, our team broke down our needs per episode. For each time we film, we will need to pay for space, a film crew, gear and equipment. We will pay for the travel costs of our guests. And we will make sure everyone involved is well fed during the filming. We will have pre-production costs (which have already begun!), the production costs listed above, and post production. Post production includes all the editing that needs to be done after the camera stops rolling. We’ll incur some administrative costs, marketing costs, and, of course, kickstarter and the government will each take a little cut, too. We will use our resources wisely, but in order to produce a beautiful show, we are going to need your help. So watch out for the kickstarter. And if you would like to donate in-kind gifts, please send us an email using the contact page.